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With the clients’ interest as the top priority, MQ focus on assisting our clients since 1998 to excel in their wealth management through our quality and comprehensive services. Our team comprises of dedicated wealth planners who have cumulative years of experience in various fields which include :

  • Life Insurance
  • Takaful Insurance
  • Corporate Employee Benefits
  • Business Insurance
  • Trade Credit Insurance
  • Corporate GMBIS
  • Unit Trust
  • Private Retirement Scheme
  • Wills and Trust Planning
  • Motor Insurance

It enables MQ to bring value added services to our clients and affiliates. As being the financial partner with them in personal financial planning and business financial planning.

Our unique model has helped many entrepreneurs to embark on a strong footing in their line of business and life. It has successfully assisted many existing clients or affiliates to witness breakthrough improvement in terms of wealth management and life.  At the same time, it also gives them a peace of mind and space & capacity to continuously expand their business in pursuing life and business goals.

The leading financial partner with trustworthy, influential and professional brand in Malaysia.
Managing Director of MQ Companies.

Business Principles

1. Our clients’ interests always come first.

Our experience shows that if we serve our clients well, our own success will follow. 

2. We believe Success is a result of focusing the business resources and efforts in fulfilling the niche needs in the market place.

We focus in developing people, capital, knowledge and efficient practices.

3. Our assets are our people, capital and reputation.

If any of these is ever diminished, the last is the most difficult to restore. We are committed to continuously develop with ethical principles and attract right talents into our hub of transformational excellence through our unique business associates model with the right practices.

4. We take great pride in the professional quality of our work.

We have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything we undertake, Though we may be involved in a wide variety and heavy volume of activity, we would, if it came to a choice, rather be best than biggest.

5. We make an unusual effort to identify and recruit the very best person for every job.

Although our activities are measured in millions of dollars, we select our people one by one. In a service business, we know that without the best people, we cannot be the best firm.

6. We offer our people the opportunity to move ahead more rapidly than is possible.

Advancement depends on merit, and we have yet to find the limits to the responsibility our best people are able to assume. For us to be successful, our men and women must reflect the diversity if the communities and cultures in which we operate. That means we must attract, retain and motivate people from many backgrounds and perspectives. Being diverse is not optional; it is what we must be.

7. We stress teamwork in everything we do.

While individual creativity is always encouraged, we have found that team effort often produces the best results. We have no room for those who put their personal interests ahead of the interests of the firm and its clients.

8. We regularly receive confidential information as part of our normal client relationships.

To breach a confidence or to use confidential information improperly or carelessly would be unthinkable.

9. Integrity and honesty are at the heart of our business.

We expect our people to maintain high ethical standards in everything they do, both in their work for the firm and in their personal lives.

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Our Culture

Truthfulness with Passion

MQ strives to provide excellent services to our clients with truthfulness and passion. We believe everyone has his/her unique strengths and purpose, and with the spirit of truthfulness with passion, MQ provides a platform for group of professionals to live up to their fullest potential and achieve their dreams in the most fulfilling way.

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