Corporate Social Responsibility

MQ Talent Career Coaching Program

Program Deliverables

By the end of the program participants should be able to:

  • Equip yourself with real solution to remain ahead of the curve in today’s industry.
  • Explore your true potential and market value in service industry into HIGH NETWORK MARKET business owners and professionals.
  • Use multiple sources of information for planning and decision making, set challenging and attainable goals, think and behave in achievement oriented manner.
  • Identify the value of individual differences, continuosly develop with ethical principles and fulfilling the niche needs in the market place.
  • Improve interpersonal skills and build up confidence to achieve in career.


This is great, awesome, directly hit my point, that is my personality and Jason Koeh is good in coaching all of us, directing us to the good pathway and do help me a lots in finding my vision, my future and I really agree that this is time for me to find out who I am, and what should I do to achieve my future happily. Thank a lots Jason for giving me this opportunity to meet with you and really a good chat with you. Thank you.


Law Hooi Chit

(UMP Student—Major in Mechanical Engineering)

Gave me confidence on that some people had me because I have the value, tried to change my perceptions that I knew for long time, but not brave enough to face it. Insist me to start think concretely about the things I want to have, without worrying it may vary along the time. Nice, straight forwards, truth enough.

Choy Chok Hong

(UMP Student—Major in Software Engineering)

Keep my thinking focus and simple like what I have learnt from Jason, also enjoy the process and minimize the stress, LIFE IS GREAT! I have lots more to learn especially the things about insurance, investment, finance and economy, I feel excited because I know that these things must be understood sooner or later, yet I get into the right track to take up the knowledge now through my growth in Super Group.

Liew Khee Yan

(UMP Student—Major in Mechanical Engineering)

I am inspired about your way of speaking, approaching & getting people’s attraction. I feel the passion & determination in your effort. You are a charismatic leader than proves your success with results. I’ve been trying to get some advice from successful people and you’re definitely helping me a lot in finding my own confidence. Wish you inspire and impact more youths to be successful leader as well.

Lee Wai Yee

(UMP Student—Major in Project Management)

Thank you Jason for giving me such a good opinion. I think I have to restructure everything, set a target/ goal that really need & realistic. I am, and still trying to wider my social-network, I also know that life is short but something take times to happen.

Kee Yen Ding

(UMP Student—Major in Project Management)

Thanks a lot to Mr.Jason for consulting and guiding me to the right way of fulfilling my goals. I really have a clearer vision after this session.

Koay Ley Teng

(UMP Student—Major in Industrial Biotechnology)

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