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MQ companies focus on assisting our clients since 1998 to excel in their wealth management. Our unique model has helped many corporations and entrepreneurs to embark on a strong footing in their line of business and life. It has successfully assisted many existing clients or affiliates to witness breakthrough improvement in terms of wealth management and life.  

What we do

You will find this one stop money quotient hub here in MQ with our areas of services to assist you.

Personal Financial Planning
Insurance planning
Retirement planning
Estate planning
Business Financial Planning
Business Funding
Guarantor Indemnity Plan
Keyman Compensation Plan
Business Succession Plan
Professional Value Plan
Group Employee Benefit Scheme
General Insurance

Your reliable partner

MQ is committed to providing excellent service in wealth management of our clients and strive to be the central hub of financial services excellence with extreme passion to serve and share in personal or corporate level.

We love making positive impacts.

Thank you for taking great care of us on our insurance. You and your team at MQ Consultancy Sdn Bhd has been wonderful to work with. Just list out one of the friendly customer service that given, MQ’s staff is stationed in Ee-Lian café every Friday and ready to give professional insurance advice to our employees without extra charges. Jason has always been tried his best to provide the better coverage than the prior and save us in term of premium charges at the same time. I would recommend Jason to anyone without hesitation or reservation.

Dr Teoh Han Chuan
Group Managing Director
SWS Capital Berhad

Good,Affordable,Fast ; Products following market trend and demand; Feel personalized services provided by the MQ Team

10 years ago, MQ did my wife medical claim and handed the pay cheque to my house on my hand within 3 working days! Truly appreciated MQ founder Mr Jason Koeh efficiency in helping me to go thru my life most difficulties period. Mr Jason Koeh even think of the best on how to made claim for chemo therapy treatment on my wife using the medical card ( very lucky Mr Jason Koeh proposed the Medical Card to my wife as her first Insurance Policy). After all those sour and painful story we become very good friend and we treasure each other until today. Life is Great. I love u bro.

Ng Cheng Hoe
Inno PDA Sdn Bhd

Friendly, reliable and efficient

MQ provides excellent service in many aspects since the beginning till now and the people in MQ has always been there for me like a family when needed. Hence, this is very important for me and as a customer as I felt MQ is reliable and efficient in providing their service.

Geoffrey Teoh
Financial Institution

Informative, latest update and financial newsletter

Dr Chong Yen Nee
Chief Executive Officer
Yayasan Penjaja dan Peniaga Kecil 1Malaysia

Quick response, competitive quote and comprehensive product info

Sheley Teoh
General Manager - Sales
Blu Inc Media Sdn Bhd



Aster Lim
Group Managing Editor
Blu Inc Media Sdn Bhd

Professional advice on insurance, Effecient and effectiveness MQ team

I will recommend MQ due to the professionalism of the team. Look forward to see this organisation grow!

Eric Gan
Regional Sales Manager

Consult, Advise, Reference. Train all staff to implement same character.

Dr. Samsudin Wahab

Service is professional and personalized. 

Efficient, competitive and attentive. Thank you for taking care of us and we look forward to many more years with you.

Aanear You Chee Chien
Executive Director
Yee Loong Engineering Sdn Bhd

Always updated service, knowledgeable consultation,

None of the financial company can provide such great service like they do!

Dr Shirley

Need professional advice on financial management?

Let our team assist you!


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Our Corporate Social Responsibility

The most important objective of our company is to obtain profitability in the long term. Guided by its mission and values we seek to achieve profits without prejudice to society and the environment.

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Job Responsibility

Coached by company director,
• build marketing statement
• see thing from different perspectives
• Support daily marketing inquiries
• Assist in video editing
• Assist in poster designing

Job Requirements
• Candidate must possess in Multimedia or equivalent.
• Required language(s): Mandarin, English, Bahasa Malaysia.
• Applicants must be willing to work in Seberang Jaya, Penang.
• Internship position(s) for at least a duration of 3 month(s).

Job Benefits
• knowing what the market wants
• Real life working experience
• Opportunity to learn & grow personally and professionally
• Opportunity to fine tune your multimedia skills
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4 days ago

Interns who are passionate in graphic design | video editing | digital markering | sense of Art | continuous learning.

Please contact me directly once you have dropped your email to career@mqbusinesswealth.com
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4 days ago

MQ wishing you and your family Selamat Hari Raya Haji 😉 ... Read moreHide

1 week ago

MQ wishing you and your family Selamat Hari Raya Haji 😉

Employee Benefits Solutions for your company and your staff through MQ Platform - Your Financial Partner

#employeebenefits #MQ #YourFinancialPartner #roadshows #IDT
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2 weeks ago

Employee Benefits Solutions for your company and your staff through MQ Platform - Your Financial Partner

#employeebenefits #MQ #YourFinancialPartner #roadshows #IDT

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